1. Engine Starter troubles:

There are multiple reasons why your car won’t start, and a damaged or faulty starter is one of them. Like the name suggests, this part of the car is what starts the whole process of running the vehicle. Even with a fully charged battery and a great alternator belt, you’re not going anywhere if your starter isn’t working. Get an expert to replace or repair it if you want your car up and running again.

2. Car Battery problems:

So you’ve checked the starter, and it does make the ‘click’ sound. But your car still won’t start. This either means your starter wiring is loose, or that your battery is dead. Battery troubles generally happen because of damage, poor battery life, or leakage from the battery. Whenever working with the battery, avoid letting battery fluids come in direct contact with your skin.

3. Malfunctioning alternator:

You’ve figured out that the battery is fine, so you realize you’ve got to check on the alternator. You’d know for sure if it is the alternator that’s malfunctioning. If it’s damaged, the power decreases and the car starts to slow. Since the charge is not distributed, the car electrical system starts to flicker. A malfunctioning alternator must be replaced immediately.

4. Short circuit:

Nobody likes taking on more than they can handle, so why would your circuit? Giving a circuit more power than it can handle causes a short circuit. This is actually quite a serious car electrical problem since it can cause your car to burn and even explode!

5. Loose spark plugs:

Just like loose screws in wooden furniture, loose spark plugs cause plenty of damage. They’re responsible for powering up the piston, and there’s bound to be some unusual activity if your spark plugs are loose.
If you notice the car rapidly losing power, and eventually, coming to a standstill, it’s probably because of manufacturing defects or damaged spark plugs.

6. Loose wire & faulty fuse boxes:

When your car’s fuse blows frequently, you know it’s time to replace the fuse box. Loose wires around the fuse box can make the fuse blow. What’s more, faulty and loose wires could also cause your car to rapidly lose power.